Safe Way to Reduce the Rate Skin Cancer

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How many of you are tired of hearing about how to prevent cancer?  These pseudo scientific studies or studies that “don’t fit into the box of standard of care” make ridiculous claims day in and day out of what we should eat, what we shouldn’t eat, toxicity levels and on and on … all in the name of reducing our chance to contract cancer.
     Well the day has finally come when a truly scientific trial, the ONTRAC trial conducted at the University of Sydney, found aa simple way of preventing Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer.
     Two daily doses of nicotinamide ( a form of Vitamin B3 ) significantly reduces the the occurrence of non melanoma skin cancer by a whopping 23% in individuals considered high for these types of lesions.  The most common types of non melanoma cancers are squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma.
     Nicotinamide is believed to work by reducing photocarcinogens (UV rays).  UV rays in sunlight can cause skin cancer in two ways.  First UV rays, damage DNA and suppress an immune response by killing cancer cells.  Nicotinamide both enhances the repair of DNA in damaged skin cells and protects the skin’s immune system against UV sunlight.  Voila!
The ONTRAC study trial involved 386 Australian adults who had been treated for 2 or more nommelanoma skin cancer in the past 5 years, which renders them a HIGH RISK POPULATION.   They were  randomly assigned to oral nicotinamide or placebo groups for 12 months and monitored every 3 months.   At the end of this period, doctors examined whether the patients had any new non melanoma skin lesions.  The findings were rather dramatic.  The nicotinamide group had significantly lower number of skin cancers than the placebo group.
It’s important to understand that NICOTINAMIDE CAN NOT REPLACE SUN AVOIDANCE AND SUN PROTECTION measures to protect against skin cancer.  Nicotinamide also does not prevent sunburns.
SOURCE: ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) 2015.  Dermatologic Oncology

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